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Regional street teams meet here to discuss events, share information, pictures, etc.
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 Forum Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Regulations   Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:17 pm

Rules are as follows:

1. main objective of this forum is to draw attention to Bobaflex. To help make Bobaflex a commonplace name. To help sell merchandise, tickets, etc. Anything to help make the band more successful

2. I am the creator/administrator of this forum and I ultimately call the shots. However, I will ask opinions of other forum members. I reserve the right to remove any offensive posts, anything violent, anything vulgar. I run a clean forum and that's just how it's gonna be; deal with it(wow, I sound mean, huh?). Oh, and I can and will delete members if any of my rules are broken and I or my moderators see fit, I have the technology, and so do my moderators!

3. Anything off-topic has it's own forum space. Post it there and there alone

4. Let's actually try at this. We can make a difference! The way I see it is: One fan spreads the word to a few friends and that's all well and good, but I took the initiative to create a powerful fanbase willing to put forth more effort. To make fliers, promo ads, call radio stations, etc. just to go that extra mile. My goal is to get a team together who will recruit several fans rather than just a couple like any ordinary fan could do. It was a street team called The Kiss Army that really boosted the popularity of the band, Kiss. Bobaflex may seem kinda small-time now, but they just might be the next big thing!

5. Have some fun! I might have sounded all mean and tough with my rules, but all I want is an orderly Street Team, no clusters. Let's have a good time with this. Hopefully we grow into sort-of a family here. I hope you'll give all you can and I encourage joking around.

I think that works. Hope I don't seem like "another little Hitler trying to bring you down"..haha (any good Bobaflex fan with the Chemical Valley EP shoulda caught my little pun there)

\m/(>_<)\m/ Fester Dude \m/(>_<)\m/
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Forum Rules and Regulations
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